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School Law is Dynamic and Complex.

Legal Handbook
It’s generally accepted that students have the right to free speech. But when a student shows up at your school wearing a t-shirt that could be potentially offensive, or one that carries a sexual double entendre, just what does a school administrator do? You can check The Legal Handbook for New Jersey School Administrators Seventh Edition to find out. 

This informative resource is a practical field manual for school administrators who sometimes need to think like attorneys and have the context for what certain decisions will mean. I’ve used it time and again to check legal protocol that helps me make informed decisions that protect everyone’s rights.

School law is dynamic and complex. That’s why our three NJASA attorneys have compiled decades of experience to create this guide, which gives us the topline information on the most common legal topics affecting New Jersey schools. They’ve organized it in an easy-to-read PDF that I can view it on my desktop or tablet, on or off campus.

If I were to independently research this information, it would be time prohibitive. If I were to call my school attorney blindly, it could become cost prohibitive. The Legal Handbook provides me with the first steps to take action, or prepares me to make the first call to an education attorney, when needed. 

Here are some situations that I think you will recognize for which the handbook can help you prepare for “what to expect”:

  • Dress codes for staff
  • Immunization requirements for public schools
  • School ethics, conflicts of interest
  • Special education
  • Social media, first amendment, defamation and harassment
  • Misuse of school computer for explicit sexual language
  • Anti-bullying, hazing
  • Use of cell phone in school
  • Employee privacy rights
  • Drug testing
  • Parents’ constitutional rights to direct the education of their children
  • Educator evaluations
  • Negotiations
  • Student and teacher discipline
  • Tenure

In addition to the handbook, the authors monitor current case law and members’ legal questions to create NJASA’s monthly legal publication supplements with timely information on pivotal cases affecting New Jersey public schools.

If you’re a school administrator, principal, human resource director or graduate student in education, you’ll find The Legal Handbook for New Jersey School Administrators Seventh Edition and legal publication series your first line of defense.
Purchase the Legal Handbook now for $99. Questions: Email Ann Cahill, Manager of the Legal Department, or call her at 609-599-2900 x 118.