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What Do the New Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) Mean for You, Your School, and Your District?

What Do the New Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) Mean for You, Your School, and Your District? 
Attend a free event and receive a free tool, developed for leaders by leaders, that can
help you answer this critical question.
March 6, 2017 
at the FEA Conference Center
12 Centre Drive, Monroe Township, NJ 08831
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9 am - noon
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Teams of central office and school leaders are encouraged to attend. Space is limited.

Dear Members:

The 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), expected to be adopted shortly in New Jersey, represent the best thinking and latest research related to the important role leadership plays in continuously improving student achievement. The role of the school leader has shifted from a focus on management to a focus on student learning. The PSEL emphasize this critical shift to strong and effective instructional leadership.
These new standards will now drive leadership evaluation in New Jersey. We recognize that any evaluation without reflection focused on growth is hollow at best and will not bring about major changes in practice. One of the most powerful positive impacts of implementing a teacher evaluation system is that educator frameworks provided a common language about teaching and learning so that deeper conversations and feedback would lead to continuous growth in teacher practice. Are school and district leaders engaged in collaborative conversations about leadership practice? NJPSA/FEA and NJASA decided to use the adoption of new leadership standards to create a tool that might help you facilitate this critical dialogue.
NJPSA/FEA and NJASA recognized that although the 2015 PSEL are focused on school-level leadership, they will have their greatest impact when they serve to inform all educational leaders - superintendents, assistant superintendents, supervisors, directors and teacher leaders. All leaders must examine these standards with an eye on how their leadership supports and enables school-level leadership to apply these standards in their day-to-day work.
How Do Standards Inform Growth in Leadership?

NJPSA/FEA and NJASA met to discuss two very basic questions, how can standards truly inform growth in leadership practice for all of our members and what currently gets in the way of using them effectively? We arrived at the conclusion that the standards as written lack clarity about the specific actions leaders must take in order to meet those standards. Our associations developed a set of questions that we thought were important to answer in order for these standards to positively impact all NJ school leaders:
  • What does this standard look like in action? 
  • How can standards foster a leader's professional growth? 
  • How can using the standards deepen the feedback and the conversation about teaching, learning and leading? 
  • How do these standards inform the work of not only principals, but other educational leaders at both the school and district level?
New Reflection and Growth Tool Created for Our Members

NJPSA/FEA and NJASA have a mutual goal - to assist our members in continuing to grow in leadership practices that result in higher levels of student learning. We set out to develop a reflection tool that would help leaders identify areas of strength and areas of potential growth. We wanted a tool that could deepen conversations in schools and districts about the role of leadership and its collective impact on continuous school/district improvement.
NJPSA/FEA formed a development team representing superintendents, principals and directors of curriculum. It was imperative that current school and district leaders collaboratively create this tool for colleagues. Once created, a focus group was held with members in various leadership roles. These members provided valuable feedback and final revisions were made.
Register for This Free Event
As the Executive Directors of NJPSA and NJASA, we ask you, our members, to mark your calendars NOW for an important event on March 6, when we will unveil the free PSEL Leadership Reflection and Growth Tool. We invite you to attend with a group of school/district leaders. As a team, you will have the opportunity to explore how this tool may help to support growth and the collective capacity of your leaders to directly impact school and district improvement. Choose One Session and Register Today: 9 am - noon or 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm. Space is limited and registration is on a first come, first served basis.

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Patricia Wright
Executive Director
New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association

Richard Bozza, Ed.D.
Executive Director
New Jersey Association of School Administrators